700hp pump fuel Holden

higgins Holden

George’s Holden 383 on the dyno at Dandy Engines. This engine features our CNC ported 4-bolt Holden alloy heads as well as our prototype Holden inlet manifold that easily yielded over 700hp on pump fuel.

NEW Heads in 2018

higgins BBC, Ford, Holden, LS

We have a few new products on the go for 2018! LSA supercharger manifold porting now available. Different options available. Call for pricing.

NA v Supercharged LS3

higgins LS

NA v Supercharged at Harrop Performance Centre. Great to support a professional outfit like Harrop. There is an age-old argument about which is better NA or Supercharged, while we don’t want to try and solve it, we take a look at the different characteristics of two LS3 cars that took a different path to enhanced performance.

Inside Higgins Race Developments

higgins Boats, Drag, Ford, Holden, LS

Well known cylinder head specialist Nathan Higgins of Higgins Race Developments uncovered. HRD was the first Australian company to manufacture a 6-bolt LS cylinder head and in more recent times are now manufacturing Ford Small block and Holden V8 CNC ported cylinder heads.

Harrop LSA Stage 5 Performance System

higgins LS

Harrop LSA Stage 5 delivers ultimate performance to Gen-F/F2 HSV owners through the addition of Higgins CNC ported cylinder heads to the popular Stage 4 package, here they take a look at the performance increase on a near new HSV GTS.

8-second turbo wagon

higgins Drag, LS

8-second turbo wagon cracking out huge power on the dyno. This engine features Higgins 6-bolt heads.

170mph on IRS – Nitrous LSX Holden

higgins Drag, LS

Well done to Tim who set a new personal best at Calder Park over the weekend. The LSX features HRD LS7 CNC ported 6-bolt heads, HRD spec camshaft and new to market HRD valve covers.