Inside Higgins Race Developments

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Well known cylinder head specialist Nathan Higgins of Higgins Race Developments uncovered. HRD was the first Australian company to manufacture a 6-bolt LS cylinder head and in more recent times are now manufacturing Ford Small block and Holden V8 CNC ported cylinder heads.

8-second turbo wagon

higgins Drag, LS

8-second turbo wagon cracking out huge power on the dyno. This engine features Higgins 6-bolt heads.

170mph on IRS – Nitrous LSX Holden

higgins Drag, LS

Well done to Tim who set a new personal best at Calder Park over the weekend. The LSX features HRD LS7 CNC ported 6-bolt heads, HRD spec camshaft and new to market HRD valve covers.

9-second LSX Monaro

higgins Drag, LS

Tim’s Holden Monaro CV8 [ Pontiac GTO ] street car has run into the nines. The car is powered by a naturally aspirated LSX 454ci V8 engine that Tim has built himself at home. The engine features CNC ported CID cylinder heads and a Higgins spec solid roller camshaft all running on regular pump unleaded petrol tuned by Westernlink Automotive.

8s on IRS – Nitrous LSX Commodore V8 – TUFSS3

higgins Drag, LS

Tim Holmyard’s nitrous assisted Commodore runs hard at the track. The car has undergone a complete new engine setup. Power now comes from an LSX V8 complete Higgins CNC heads and a Wilson Direct port nitrous system. Tim ran close to his personal best pass on a moderate nitrous shot and soft launch so it looks like there is plenty …

650hp using Racer Pro 23

higgins Drag

Congratulations to Domenic who raced his Torana at Calder Park recently. The LJ went a best of 9.93/136mph in full street trim (radials, exhaust, 98 pump fuel) and improved to a 9.83/138mph dropping the mufflers. The car features a Westernlink Automotive naturally aspirated 400ci Chev using Higgins CNC ported Racer Pro 23-degree cylinder heads good for 650hp on PULP. Great …

Quickest N/A 355 Holden street car

higgins Drag, Holden

Peter’s naturally aspirated 355ci stroker V8 Holden powered Torana runs into the 9.1-second zone at Calder Park. The Torana uses Higgins CNC Yella Terra Dash-9 cylinder heads.