Ongoing research and development has resulted in our proven 900 plus horsepower small block Ford capable cylinder head and intake manifold solution. 900HP PUMP FUEL FORD Find out more Big congrats to Bubba and team for winning the Horsepower Heroes at Summernats 32. The twin turbo Commodore features our Australian made Holden 6-bolt CNC cylinder heads . TWIN TURBO HOLDEN MAKES 2483HP! Find out more Proudly Australian manufactured 6-bolt alloy cylinder heads to suit:
LS7, L98/LS3 ports for street and race applications.

HRD LS 6-BOLT Starting at $3500 BARE
Flowing over 360CFM, Australian manufactured Higgins Holden cast alloy CNC ported heads. HRD HOLDEN Starting from $3750 Flowing over 415 CFM, Australian manufactured small block Ford cast alloy CNC ported heads. HRD FORD Find out more Frank Marchese and the Dandy Engines crew took out first place at Drag Challenge. The twin turbo small block Ford features our Aussie made CNC ported SBF heads. DANDY ENGINES WINS DRAG CHALLENGE Find out more We manufacture a range of cylinder heads and offer
CNC porting to many others.

We can also digitise any head for reproduction.
CNC PORTED HEADS Find out more

With over 30 years experience, we offer cylinder heads to suit any requirements, whether it is to suit V8 Supercars, drags, boats or street cars. We deliver the highest quality of high performance work available, all carried out using the latest technoloy state of the art in-house machinery. We are constantly developing our products to take advantage of the latest research and technology to ensure that we continue to be at the front of the pack.

Higgins Racing Heads have been supplying cylinder heads to major race teams from Supercars, ski racing, sprint cars, drag racing and also historic classes.

If you are looking for that extra edge or, more precisely, added power, then CNC technology will give you the results you need.


Aussie manufactured Holden cast alloy CNC ported heads flow over
CNC ported, CNC valve seats

Starting from $3750


Aussie manufactured Higgins LS-series cast alloy CNC ported heads.

Multiple port configurations.

LS3 heads flow over 380CFM.
LS7 heads flow over 400CFM.

Starting at $3500

All work is carried out in-house using state of the art machinery, and we deliver the highest quality of high performance work available.

  • Complete CNC cylinder porting and CNC seat cutting.
  • Cylinder head repairing.
  • Competition valve jobs.
  • Re-surfacing and milling.
  • Flow bench testing.
  • In-house cylinder head research and development programs available using the latest flow benches and Serdi seat cutting equipment.


Aussie manufactured Higgins LS-series cast alloy CNC ported heads.

Cleveland castings. Multiple port configurations.

Flowing over 415CFM.

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